Monday, September 26, 2005

Huh? What did you say?

You'll have to speak up... just a little louder.... THERE that's better! I am sick :( I have a head cold and my already hard of hearing ears are so much worse when I have a head cold. Everyone is getting so annoyed because they have to repeat themselves several times before I can finally figure out what they are saying. I hate being sick, I hate having a runny snotty nose, I hate having watery eyes, I hate sneezing a gazillion times, and most of all I hate not being able to hear!

OK enough whining!

J1 drove some more over the weekend and did really good. J2 & J3 cleaned their rooms and J2 reorganized her room and moved J4's things in there... she wants to share a room with him. So last night I got to hear J2 & J3 arguing over who was getting J4 *sigh* so much love LOL then they started in on who was going to get J5 when he moved into a regular bed.

We unloaded lots of unwanted items on Freecycle over the last couple days. Man I love that group! If you have never heard of or checked out Freecycle you may want to check it out :) Hurry on over to Freecycle and check out the group in your area.

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