Thursday, September 22, 2005

It wasn't me!

According to the blood work. My lead level is just fine so we are still trying to find out the source of J5's lead poisoning.
It is a relief in one way to know that I am not harming my baby, but now we are back to square one in trying to determine where it is coming from. If we had carpeting we wouldn't have the potential of lead dust settling on the floor. If we had central AC we wouldn't have the potential lead dust/dirt blowing in from the windows or being sucked into the house by a box fan in the window.
Hopefully we will have J4's lead results in later today. I pray his is still low like it was in January so we don't have to put him through having it drawn from his vein.
I hope J5 starts walking soon so he can be up off the floor... if that is where he is getting the lead from. I hate not knowing where he is getting it from... I wish I could afford to hire someone to come in and clean my house from top to bottom and then seal the floors with some kind of wax or something... ya know... maybe linoleum would be a cheap alternative to carpeting... just thinking out loud here... trying to figure out a way to fix it......

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