Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oompa Loompa

The kids think J5 looks like an Oompa Loompa... his Daddy thinks he looks like a jailbird LOL sorry for the poor quality of the pics... had to use the dreaded flash since these were taken tonight.
He is such a happy boy! I think he was happy I was making him special cookies with lots of iron and vitamins in them.. they sure did smell yummy while they were baking! I just hope he eats them. Iron and CAlcium are supposed to help with the lead poisoning issue.
By this point he was tired of the camera flashing at him! and gave me the "that's enough Mom" look

Called the Health Dept about the blood lead and have an appointment to have J4 get his lead level tested on Monday, they are also going to give me a bunch of literature on lead and will also schedule a date to come out and inspect the house to try and figure out where J5 is getting it from.
I made him special cookies tonight made out of baby cereal, he wont eat the baby cereal and it has lots of good vitamins in it so I am hoping to get him to eat the cereal this way. Gotta get my little guy healthy again. Poor J3 is so worried about him, he said if he could get one wish from God it would be to have J5 healthy. As aggrevating and stubborn as J3 can be he really is a sweet kid with a huge heart. His concern for others really amazes me at times. Which reminds me... I took pictures of J3 tonight also... will go grab those to post... be back in jiffy!


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