Sunday, December 18, 2005

And the colorful side.....

Can you believe this is what the previous picture was like? Except
I am in a better mood this morning so I figured I would show the
pretty side of that picture. Nothing like waking up to a fresh plate of bacon
and a hot cup of coffee under your nose :) and then feeling the sweet breath
of a baby blowing on you face and when you open your eyes all you see is a
little face full of smiles and then getting a huge kiss from him... ahhhh wet
slobbery baby kisses :)
J5 was so full of smiles, hugs and kisses this morning... my little snugglebee :)
What a way to start the morning!!! And of course it also helped that my
wonderful husband had the bacon and coffee made up for me :)
Though there is a horrible secret in the house that I am not to know about...
but of course I DO know what it is (said husband and I are partners in
all good and bad hehehe) So the secret is this... J1 got a box of chocolate
Turtles today on his paper route... and he doesn't want me to know... so
he *thinks* what he is going to do is give me one a day to ensure he gets a ride
to deliver the papers MUAHAHAHAHAHA silly child!

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