Saturday, December 24, 2005

The sweetness

This card was given to me by J2 & J3 this morning. It was so cute! J3 put a dollar in the card and J2 put in 26 cents LOL also J3 made me the nicest tea light holder that I will burn tonight once it gets dark. They could not wait until tomorrow to have me open it so it was thrust upon me as soon as I came downstairs. I thought the card was very, very sweet :) I can't imagine life without my kids.. not one of of them! And as tough as things get financially I never regret any of the decisions I have made... to raise 5 kids on one income, to be a stay at home mom... Life is short, lives change day to day. I know in a few years my kids will all be in school, I will be back to work, and things will be much easier financially but I know I will look back on these rough times and cherish them the most !

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