Friday, January 06, 2006

Stupid lazy Ass GASP

yes... those are words that came out of my daughters mouth yesterday after I picked the kids up from school. She was upset with J3 for getting in the front seat... she thinks that now that she delivers papers she has all rights to the front seat... well, she does... when delivering papers! But directly after school the front seat is first come first serve...

So anyways... she is talking to J1 and as she begins to complain about J3 she says very boldly "Stupid Lazy Ass GASP" yes... you could hear the gasp! her hand flew to her mouth in shock... I looked back at her wide eyed... trying to figure out if that was really what I had heard. I looked forward again... just staring out the windshield.. still in shock. J1 in the back is saying OMG you do cuss! She very clearly told him that she does NOT cuss, that is just came out of her mouth. I looked back at her again... she had tears welling in her eyes... she was so upset with herself for saying what she had said... I didn't need to say anything.
I glanced back at her as I drove, she was looking out the side window.. tears rolling down her cheeks.

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