Sunday, February 26, 2006

No pics yet

of J2's braces... been cleaning, painting, entertaining... had a house full of kids today... J2 had 4 friends over today... nothing like a bunch of preteens running through the house playing hide and seek... or eating all the brownies you just made.... her boyfriend even came over today!
J1's car is making a horrible noise from the engine region... doesn't sound good! We are going to have a friend come over and take a look see to see what he thinks...
J1 took J2 & J3 to see 8 below yesterday... they took Nicks truck since the car started making that noise when they were heading out to the movies.
J5 is much much better now!
J4 had a lot of fun today playing with J2 and her friends.... funny to hear him counting to 20 with no problem! and then walking into a room and saying Hola!
J3 painted a model airplane today then went out and played with his metal detector.
Not much exciting going on.... *yawn*

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