Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My little man was sick :( He got transported from the convenient care clinic by ambulance to the hospital and was admitted. He has RSV and was unable to keep his oxygen levels up on his own, even with breathing treatments, and an injection to help his lungs open up nothing but the oxygen and having his lungs and nose suctioned out helped :(
He is home now, he has a follow up appointment this afternoon at 1 to see how he is doing and to have a lead recheck... which really ticks me off! Sunday when they were turning him into a pin cushion I asked them to draw for lead at that time, that I had a lab slip at home I could bring in... OK then enter in hospital admittance and me not being able to get the lab slip (honestly it wasn't even on my mind).. now we are home, I called the lab and was told the blood had been destroyed because I did not bring in the lab slip !!! What the HELL! They had to of known he was admitted to the hospital!
I called the Dr's office to see if maybe they could track down his blood... and to give them a heads up that they will NOT be drawing a lead level today! J5 has been through enough the last few days and I will not have them poking him again for lead until after he is better.

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