Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Todays Dr appointment (J5)

J5 is now 24lbs, so he is growing :) His lead results were not back yet. They gave me a print out of his Lead Blood lad results and this is the actual info

09/06/05 24
10/01/05 30
10/10/05 24
10/30/05 21
01/10/06 18
03/08/06 17

I hope to update with lower numbers SOON!

Also he has to go see an eye Dr at the hospital since he still has a "chronic drainage problem" in his left eye a.k.a blocked tear duct. Hopefully it has not caused any damage to his eye by going on this long. The Dr's office called and set up his appointment today after he was done with his lead check. He also has to go back and see the Hematologist at the hospital for a lead follow soon to find out what we are to be doing now... continue with our family Dr or return to seeing the specialist every 6 weeks...

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