Monday, May 08, 2006

Another Porch

Well Sunday's plans didn't go as they were supposed to. They were supposed to go like this

Replace back porch columns
Replace basement door
Replace basement window
Start priming house

What it went like actually was this

Rip out worst porch column
find colony of Carpenter Ants
start ripping out entire porch
find whole nest of Carpenter Ant eggs
Watch ants come back and try to carry eggs off
replace bad wood
fight off Carpenter Ants
rebuild porch
replace columns
build set of steps off side of porch into side yard
spray porch with Carpenter Ant death juice
Replace basement door
Work on J1's car

I now have 2 beautiful porches :) Just the side rails need to get put up and the stairs off the back of the porch don't need to be replaced really but they will be to match everything else...

Right now Nick and his dad are out putting primer on the house. Not sure how much they will get primed. The truck is up at the auto shop having tires put on... his dad brought tires down with him for Nicks truck.... His dad will be heading home about noon, we will then load up all the old wood from the porches and basement door and haul it off to the dump.

The kids are yaking in my ear right now so I cant concentrate on writing this now so I will add more after I get them off to school.


Terry said...

wow! that looks great! Lots of hard work!. Can't wait for you to post more.
How's the foot? My cast came off today, doing another scan to make sure. Keep it iced!.
Things look good!.

Terry Moore

peter parker said...

Right now we are down to priming the house... Nick was out there again at 6am scraping and priming..
Good luck with the foot! Mine is a lot better... still sore and hurts and swells up a bit if I am on it too much.