Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grandmas Bubbles

Going through some boxes in the basement we came across one that we have no idea how it made it down there...
It had some bubble bath in it... a strawberry scented one and a Chamomile and Lavender one. These are some my mother in law brought some time ago...
J5 LOVES to take a bath... some days gets more than one because he loves it so much ( and we love washing the lead off of him).
We ask him if he wants a bath and he says "yeah" and heads upstairs.
So this particular bottle of baby bath we showed him, and told him it was from Grandma R ( you didn't think I was going to type out the whole name did you?) and he hugged the bottle.. it was so cute!!
So he squeezed onto that bottle until we got upstairs and started the water running and poured some in.
He really enjoyed that bath! And he smelled so huggable and yummy afterwards!
He really is so cute and sweet you could just eat him up! Everyone should know and hug and love a baby as sweet as J5 :) if you have not found one yet like him... you just don't know what you are missing!!

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