Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yesterdays updates

it is early, I have a headache and can't sleep... so I will use my quiet time to try and do a good update :)

The house...
4 hours, 7 rolls of paper towel, 3 garbage bags & 2 32oz bottles of cleaner!
Our method was vacuum floors and windows each area at a time, spray and wipe the interior of the window frame, wipe with paper towel and toss in a trash bag, the same with the floor, spray with cleaner on a small area, wipe with paper towel and toss in a trash bag... the method to our madness was to not spread or contaminate and area with any lead dust by using sponges or cloth to clean... make sense?
So while I carefully cleaned each and every window very carefully and thoroughly Nick was on his hands and knees cleaning every square inch of flooring in our house.... which is like 2300 square feet or so...
The results?
The environmentalist showed up 30 minutes early... which was actually a blessing because the waiting was sort of torture and we had a lock down before he arrived, meaning no one was to enter or exit the house during our get the lead out cleaning spree.... all doors and windows were shut and locked! AND.... as he took 9 samples from various floors and windows on the first and second floor of the house he commented when he was done that it all looked really good and the wipes he did all were clean! WOO HOO hopefully that means they are clean of lead also :) It will probably be the only time a white wipe swiped on a surface in this home is clean LOL because we don't always have 4 hours to dedicate to constant cleaning while keeping kids locked inside the house with us!
The boys were good... and afterwards got a well deserved trip to the park and an ice cream cone. I think that is the longest J4 has remained clean in a day LOL poor kid was going through withdrawals though and bouncing off the walls practically ... the happiness on his face when we got to the park I think meant he forgave us for making him stay inside and clean for so long LOL

Thank you Mike for the awesome stove!
Mike and his wife remodelled their kitchen and decided to go with gas instead of electric so we are the very happy recipients of their "old" stove.
In return of the goodness we will be forwarding our stove to someone in need... our "old" stove is a nice one, all white, electric... but how can we insure it goes to someone in need and not someone who wants to turn around and sell it? I don't trust Freecycle for this matter... anyone need a nice stove?

One thing that would not stop bothering me yesterday was the lack of dimes.. some of you, maybe a lot of you, maybe all of you have no idea what I am talking about. We find dimes around the house all the time. We believe it is a sign. Yesterday in the thorough scrubbing of our house we did not find one single dime! Another thing that has been tagged into my mind is the fact that two nights ago J5 was playing with shoes having fun. He then out of the blue walked to the foyer entrance, facing the front door and blew a kiss... twice... but no one was there... we thought it very odd... but yet no so completely odd because we do understand it in a strange sort of way. (if you believe in ghosts/spirits you will understand that) so anyways I started to get sad yesterday thinking that the kiss was maybe a kiss goodbye.. and the reason I am thinking that is because of the lack of dimes :(

Well J1's alarm clock has been going off for 33 continuous minutes now and it is driving me nuts so I am going to end this entry... if I think of anything else I will add it later one.

I do want to say thank you to both Nick's family, and my family and to our friends for all the help and support we have received during this very trying time with the house and the lead issue. We would love to have prayers continued over the next 2 weeks while we wait for our lead test results to come back from the lab and for J5 as he makes another trip to the hematologist on the 31st of this month for more blood work..


Terry said...

Wow! glad to hear things sound like they are improving. Your prayers are with us over the next few weeks.
He probably knew why he was blowing kisses, what an awesome reward.

Love ya,
Terry Moore

shannon said...

Keeping my fingers crossed the test results come back good!