Saturday, June 10, 2006

Are you ready for pictures?

Here goes... I didn't take pictures of all the carpeted rooms... but I got some of them.

This is the entry coming into the house, I am standing in the foyer, our stairs to the second floor are to the left of me... I didn't get to photograph the stairs or the foyer but this is sort of the view when you walk into the house...

With this picture the kitchen is behind me, the fireplace is just to the left of me ( you can see a tip of the mantle and the hearth on the left of the pic)... the closed door is J1's room which I did not photograph. Straight ahead is the living room and the foyer. To the left of the foyer (or directly to the right when you walk into the house) is J2's room which I also did not photograph... those rooms were also carpeted..

This is a little sitting area right off of the dining room (it is to the right of the picture above this one)

OK, another pic of the dining area... doorway on the left goes into the kitchen, doorway on the right is the downstairs bathroom... fireplace is behind the table..

And this is J4 & J5's room... J4 loves Toy Story so his room is themed off of that... it is still a work in progress (as is much of the house lol)

OK so what you didn't see that got carpeted...
The foyer
The livingroom
The stairs & landings
J1's room
J2's room
J3's room
The upstairs hallway
The desk area

That's a lot of carpet huh! Try moving all that furniture out to get the carpeting in!!! LOL

I hope you enjoyed the little virtual tour. The house is still under "construction" We still have many many projects to get done and I still have a bunch of pictures to take!


Amber said...

The house looks great, Alison!!

Mari-jane said...

I am amazed you got light colored carpet.. you definitely need the steam cleaner.. we have a Bissell, heat steam vac. It is a life saver (carpet too!) It all looks great!

shannon said...

Wow, you guys have done a lot of work. It looks like a totally different house. NIce job!

Terry said...

looks nice! Love the colors