Thursday, June 22, 2006

You came, You saw, You went

OK so I did get an email from my sister with email addresses, and then there are people from my diaper group who come here that of course would not need to send me their email addresses, and then there are those that come here through my sisters blog to read what is going on... and that is all just fine. It is the rest of you who read but yet cant send an email... even after knowing I no longer have your email address. Maybe it is because you don't know I know you come here to read and get your updates? Are you trying to hide or be sneaky? I am not accusing anyone of anything, I know you were here, more than once, ... my point is you came, you saw, you went, and I got no email. What is up with that!


Nancy said...

Don't be so defensive. Just popping in to say hi. Here's my blog sweetie. Love Nancy (MJ's old, friend)

Terry said...

your more then welcome to get mine from your sister. IM glad I got to find your blog, its been to long. you can check my blog anytime. This blog thing is so much fun as you can say what you want it's your blog.

Terry Moore