Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finding a Job...

just isnt as easy as I recall it being. I went back to the gas station yesterday, on my way to pay property taxes before going to the zoo... and they did hire somebody but they arent done hiring yet... so I decided to hold off on turning in my other applications.
I was back at the gas station this morning and there was no mention of the job so I decided to just go ahead with other applications.
First stop was at the nursing home... after going inside and seeing, and hearing and smelling.... I left with an application that I knew I would never fill out or turn in.
Next stop was the grocery store in the next town... only they no longer had the hiring sign up anymore... but I turned in my application anyways.
Then on to McDonalds, I went inside, bought a 69 cent iced tea and asked for an application and sat down and filled it out, then turned it back in.
I am running out of ideas on where I can work at night... locally.... other than a bar... and I couldnt handle the cigarette smoke in one of those places.
And the bills keep coming in LOL how unfair is THAT!

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Terry said...

I know how it is, IM suppose to get a sit down job filled it out my sister took it in and they called this morning and filled the position, it isn't easy but, keep going. I tend to get knocked down then I bring myself back up. I work at the Hard Rock Casino and it is grave yard, it is hard on me, the smoke the smell after they have been there all night, the pay is good, but, IM going back to my old job WAL-MART! it isn't the best, but, it is back to day shift. ITs standing on my feet all day but I have no choice.
Keep trying, something will happen. At least that is what I am told. You'll find it when you least expect it.
Love ya, Terry