Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It is Done...

I went and did my school bus test drive today... and after all the stress and worrying... I ACED the test :) I must say I am very proud of me LOLOL

The first day of school here is this Friday the 18th... I have a new route this time so it will take getting used to the kids and the drive, I am looking forward to it.

tonight at 6:00 is J4's pre-k orientation at the school.... he is SO excited!!! Right now he is in the bathtub getting all cleaned up and ready to go meet his teachers.

Oh and my gas station job.... I LOVE IT!!!! it is too freakin cool working right here in town just down the street from home! I can drive home in 1 minute or walk home in 5 minutes! I come home for lunch/supper every night/day and eat with the kids... also the kids come up and see me during my shift. And the really cool part about it is that J5 is doing SO well with the whole thing! He loves to wave bye to me when I leave and he loves to greet me when I walk through the door :) And of course it helps that the people I work for really like me too :)


Terry said...

Congradulations! IM proud of you! It must feel good to come home and have someone be excited to see you, something, I have never experienced. But, love it when I see neices and nephews that is a thrill for me.
Glad you like your job, it's more better then mc D's. Can't wait to hear about your new route, and why would they start those poor kids on Friday? what a day to start! I can remember starting after labor day when I lived up north.
Keep us posted busy mama!. Don't over due! But, glad to hear things are up for you.
Love ya, Terry

Mari-jane said...

Congrats! Kudos on the driving test, the gas station job, and for juggling all the different things you have going on! Be sure toget some rest in there somewhere!