Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A little of this.... and that...

Trying to play catch up... lets see how well I do :)

J1... still waiting for his car to be out of our drive way and in Mikes to get the engine swapped out... not that there hasn't been attempts made! like last night... getting the car trailer, getting it hooked up, finding out the lights on it didn't work, then getting it here to load the car ( this is all around 9pm) and finding out the ramps were not with the trailer.... so no loading of the car last night! BUT tomorrow is supposed to be the day to get the car moved! *crossing fingers*.
Also he has decided to change his clothing style! Watch for exciting changes in that department LOL

J2... is starting basketball, yesterday was the first open gym day for it at the school... but she ended up with fever and vomiting by the afternoon yesterday so she missed day 2 of open gym (today)

J3.... is in football and has practice every night from 6:00 - 8:30pm in a town 15 minutes away from here.... football goes all the way into October!

J4.... is excited about school starting soon... that is about it for him... not much exciting going on in 3 1/2 year olds life! Not so fond of the pool unless he is in the baby pool... he prefers to just watch everyone else.

J5... was sick with fever recently but got over it by the next day.. he has been doing well when I leave him home to go do job stuff... he is slowly getting broken in and doing well with it. He loves going to the swimming pool with J2... he is a water baby! L-O-V-E-S IT!

Nick... is still working 12 hour days, plus working a side job when time allows and working on the house in the middle of all that.

Me.... I had my orientation for McDonald's and start my job tomorrow at 8am (8/3) I (as well as any other new employee) will be on a 30 day probation period and after that time will have an evaluation and if I am kept on as an employee will get a raise of 10 to 40 cents OR if I move up to management training at that time I would get a raise of $1.50. As for the school bus I have done the fingerprinting, the 8 hour class, the drug & alcohol test, the TB test, the physical, and the written exam... the only thing left to do is the driving test... after I see my work schedule tomorrow I will plan the test for my day off and drive the bus as much as possible to get reacquainted with it in the mean time.

Other than that it is HOT HOT HOT here! Kids are gearing up for back to school time... Aug 18th the older 3 start and August 28th J4 starts... then it will just be me and J5 home during the day! I am hoping that will mean I can get organised and get more things accomplished without 5 kids pulling me in different directions... I may just be fooling myself ;oP

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