Friday, August 25, 2006

Testing of Day 2

Took J4 to the Pre K classroom again today... he took to it immediately today so I was glad I brought him in for another trial run. He went right to the puzzles and was talking to Mrs.B right away and asking her if she wanted to build puzzles with him. She got right on the floor and did the puzzles with him. I took J5 with me today ( there wasn't anyone at home to leave him with) so today you get pictures of J4 and Mrs.B and J5 :) he is such a cutey patooty!!!

Here is a happy J4 with Mrs.B :)

Here is my little man... who also, after spending some time in Pre K went and had his lead drawn again :( he was crying and saying OW OW before they even stuck him with the needle :(

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