Monday, September 25, 2006


That is how I would describe J3's knee. He injured it at school playing football, slipped on wet grass and came down on his knee... it hurt, but not enough to tell me about it... till about a week and a half later ( yesterday) when he came in from playing at the creek picking cat tails. He had been running alongside the creek with his friends when all of a sudden he felt some fierce pain in his knee... when he looked at it it was all swollen. He came home and showed me and told me all about it. I loaded him up in the truck and took him to the hospital to be checked out in the convenient care center... it hurt him to walk on it and to bend it. The attending P.A came in to look at it and was surprised by how much fluid was in it, he sent him for x-rays... which didn't show anything since it only shows soft tissue and bone but it did show all of the swelling on there. They put a knee brace on him and gave him crutches, he has an appointment this morning at 11 with his regular Dr and more than likely will be sent for a MRI. The PA was really worried that it was more than a sprain and said he hoped it wasn't anything more than that as that would mean surgery... Great! Just what we need!


Amber said...

Poor guy! Hope it noting serious!

shannon said...

Ack! That's what my knee looked like after last year's walk. Hope it heals quickly!