Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Do you know how many times a day I hear that word? LOL it is such a funny word to me... and funny when I hear the kids saying it... as I drove off from dropping my bus kids a volleyball came rolling towards my bus... I stopped and the ball rolled under the bus... Kayla came running over to me to let me know she was going to get the ball... as she walked off I heard her say "Oh SNAP! it's under the bus!" lol

yeah, OK so that wasn't all that amusing of a post... but it was funny in my head LOL guess it is one of those "guess you had to be there" things :)

OH and J2 had a basketball game last night, I actually got to go ( I always have to work on game nights) and the girls WON!!! they finally won their first game :) of course now they all think I am a good luck charm and that I should attend all games... if they only knew how badly I wished I COULD attend every single game... I was given a button with J2 on it in uniform... I will scan it and if it comes out OK I will post a picture of it... I actually have J3's football pictures in so I will scan those as well and post them :)

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Terry said...

funny, I hear that a lot to, there is another one that I hear I can't remember the what is now, but, lol.