Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Anyone have skills in that department?
Anyone who has skills in that department want to come help me?

My house in in shambles.... OK not really but my issue is laundry... not dirty laundry... clean laundry! It gets washed, most of the times it gets folded, and then it gets placed in the rooms it belongs in... for the most part... and then the problem begins! There is laundry overload in this house! With 7 people in the house it makes for lots of clothes, towels, bedsheets, cloth diapers, etc...
I need help going through each bedroom, going through every single item of clothing and weeding out, packing up (seasonal) and organizing it all into an easy to manage system.

Any volunteers?

I really do need help... my headache is kicking in just thinking of the major task in front of me!

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Mari-jane said...

I have found it easiest to do one room at a time. Even if you have to split the room.. 1 day the dresser, 1 day the closet. Good luck, I know what a hassle it can be!