Thursday, October 26, 2006

Say it isn't so!!!!!!

So while I was busy dealing with stressful everyday adult things J5 turned on the TV... now he isn't much of a TV watcher but I have noticed some shows seem to catch his attention... luckily they tend to be educational shows and not just silly cartoons ( J4 loves silly cartoons) so anyways I noticed that J5 was being very quiet so I ran downstairs to check real quick on him ( he usually doesn't stay too far away from me for very long) and what to my horror did I see??????????

he was very content in watching.....


ACK how has that darn purple dinosaur managed to stay around for so long??? J1 will be 17 in just a few months and I can remember HIS Barney days!!!!!!!!!!! We managed to escape Barney with J4.... and now?????????????? J5 has had his brain contaminated!


shannon said...

Gaby came home from daycare one day and asked for Barney, and I told her we didn't get that channel at our house. I can stomach a lot of kids television, but Barney is one I've never been able to take.
Now if I could just cure Gaby's fascination with Little Bear. That's a seriously boring show.

Terry said...

I So remember Barney through my neices and nephews and being a nanny.
Well, maybe he is going to be around like Big Bird.
So, I love you, you love me were a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me too you won't you say you love me too.
Sorry! JUST HAD TO DO IT! SEE, we never forget the words.
Love ya!