Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

So.... I worked all day...drove bus then went to the gas station, then drove bus and then went back to the gas station....

I got home right at the start of the whole Halloween thing. J1 was out hanging out with his girlfriends brother, J2 had a basketball game far, far, away... J3 was getting ready to go out trick or treating with friends. J4 decided he didn't want to go trick or treating.... he already had loads of candy from school and from the church Halloween party Sunday night.... but J5 wanted to go trick or treating. Nick got him all dressed and ready and then J4 decided that he did want to go so Nick got him ready also. They were gone for about 30 minutes. I answered the door and handed out candy and ended up getting a costume together in between answering the door. When Nick got back with J4 & J5 J4 decided he wanted to handle the door and candy deal... so we sat back and let him run the show! After 2 hours of handing out candy we decided to test out our fireplace and see if the flue was open and such.... I snapped some pictures of our first fire.... this one stuck out, and we thought it was funny with it being Halloween and all so I decided to post it here... and no..... J4's head is not on fire.... and J3 was just being goofy... but it all worked out well in the end LOL

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Terry said...

well, it does look like his head is on fire and we know it isn't but reminds me of home on the farm in Eaton Ohio.
Happy Halloween~