Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That is what our supper is LOL I am making a meatloaf... not just any meatloaf... this recipe that I made is quite exotic as far as meatloaf's go in my opinion... the finished loaf is wrapped in bacon completely and then baked in the oven...Mmmmm and it has a nice glaze sauce under the bacon brushed onto the loaf... the remaining glaze gets cooked down to be served with the slices of meatloaf when it is done. If anyone is interested I will post the recipe :)

Jacob is doing a little better... he hasn't thrown up in a few hours and has taken a bath and is now on the couch playing video games... a big improvement from the 12+ hours he spent laying on my bed! I hope this is the end of the sickies for him for a while.

Jonathan is still feeling puney with his cold... he feels a little better after his bath also.

And Jenna and JP seem to be feeling better also... the cold medicine seems to clear them up.

Speaking of cold medicine... have you seen or tried those new Triaminic strips for cough and colds for kids???? They are WONDERFUL! easiest time I have ever had getting Jonathan to take medicine without begging him! He opens his mouth right up and sticks out his tongue!


Terry said...

he's so cute! poor guy!

Amber said...

Poor little man! I'm sorry he's so sick.

I'd like the see the meatloaf recipe when you have time. It sounds yummy!