Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard Warning

School was cancelled last night for today before the snow even started! We are currently under a blizzard warning until midnight. I am not sure if we will have newspapers to try and delivery today or not as the Interstate is drifted shut. I feel sorry for the mailman... I wouldnt want his job today!

Nick just called.... they are closing the plant... they have stopped all road plowing for now until midnight. Hopefully he makes it home safely!! He is on his way home now.


Mari-jane said...

Wow! I must say I do not miss that much snow! Between Plattsburgh, NY, and Cheyenne, WY I think I shoveled my share and then some. I do miss the beauty of it, but not the cold! stay Warm! Love to all, MJ

Terry said...

makes me miss home! I love the season's I guess since we had such a rough year with Hurricanes now it is time for the north to have blizzards.
Stay Warm, don't go out if you don't have too. lots of soup! hot coco. mmmmm!!. Awesome photo;s again, I hope you do something with them.