Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's *Official*

So for insurance purposes I had to go and pee in a cup so they could run their own test at the office to get a document stating that I am pregnant and list a due date... They say Dec 18th according to the little wheel thing that they use to calculate.
I was a bit concerned about the test because I have to pee at least every hour if not sooner so I knew I would be very much diluted... it wasnt a problem though because the nurse said it turned positive right away and she didnt have to wait the 4 minutes for the test to finish.
I go back for another appointment tomorrow and hopefully I can get some information on a good OBGYN... the Dr's I use around here dont deliver babies....
It would be nice to have a midwife and get home visits... but as far as home births go, even though I have been very fortunate to have quick, easy, natural deliveries... I am too much of a chicken for a home birth LOL just set me up with a good Dr & a good hospital... please and thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Congradulations! :) Decemeber baby we all december baby's are the best, you could push it for the 31st.

Love ya!