Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Sickies

So Spring is finally here.... and with it comes the sickies.
Jonathan has had a runny nose for about 4 weeks now... a week and a half ago I took him in to have his nose checked since he smelled really bad and it turned out he had stuffed a piece of tissue up his nose who knows how long ago and it had bacteria growing all around it causing a horrible dead animal smell... not pleasant let me tell you! So he ended up on a 10 day round of antibiotics... Saturday was his last dose of the medicine... by Saturday evening he had a fever (103 for 7 hours) and a dry cough and was breathing hard....
Sunday he was still with fever and dry cough and heavy breathing so I took him into the hospital convenient care to have him checked out... one breathing treatment, 2 x-rays, nasal discharge test, blood test, a cup of steriods, 2 syringes of ibuprofen, 1 syringe of tylenol, several temperture checks, and 4 hours later we were finally back on our way home! His oxygen level was 87% when we got there and in the 90's when we left. We were sent home with a bottle of Albuterol, Prednisone, Ibuprofen & Tylenol for him to take and a diagnosis of Brochiolitis... he returns to the Dr on Wednesday for a re-check... Can the poor kid please get a break now?!?!?!

Here is my poor little man getting his breathing treatment at the hospital


Anonymous said...

poor little guy! hope he feels better. you really have ur hands full. But, big families are just awesome! I wouldn't trade mine for nothing. Even if we have our moments.
But, sure hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Amber said...

Poor guy! I can sympathize on the dead animal smell. Chey stuffed a piece of foam up her nose when she was about 2 and I have no idea how long it was there before we figured out that the smell was comming from her nose! EWWWW! It was so gross!