Monday, July 02, 2007

** Jack Jack **

Had an ultrasound today ( at 16 weeks) to check and see what that *thing* was they saw on my uterus.... whatever it was it is gone and is no longer there :) The placenta is still partially covering my cervix... I was a bit disappointed with that, but they said everything looks great.

I asked the tech to peek and see if it was a boy or girl, she looked and said it was still early to tell and that it was really hard to see but she said she would guess it is a boy. She would not give a picture of it though as she said it isnt 100%. I have another ultrasound on July 30th and she said they can tell me at that scan if it is definitely a boy or if it is a girl..... I saw the *bump* she was looking and if I had to guess I would say it is a boy also :) So for now instead of he, she, it, or the baby it is "Jack Jack" :)


Mari-jane said...

You could call "it" Journey and you would be covered either way.. or are you naming him Jack if it is a boy?? Glad the mystery spot was gone!

Anonymous said...

Love it if your going to call the boy Jack, IM not sure why that was the name I picked. I would be so excited.
IM glad the spot went away too, and everyone is doing fine.
Keep us informed!
Love ya!
And little Jack Jack too!