Monday, July 30, 2007

Kids and Flowers....

I actually got Jacob to crack a little smile yesterday for a picture... of course this was only because I told him he could use the camera to take pictures when I was done... the kid LOVES taking pictures and he does a really good job at it! I will have to post some of HIS photo's! I need to find him a cheap yet decent camera!

We had some rain a few days ago... I wanted to get out IN the rain to take photo's but couldnt do that or else the kids would have folowed me ( Nick was at work) so instead I went out after the rain... this is one of a few flowers we had in the yard ( before Jenna picked them all)

And then because I am a bad mom and let my kids have ice cream after they eat breakfast I get the fun of taking photo's of happy goofy kids afterwards :)

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