Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry I'm Late!

So I went to see the midwife yesterday and the office was really backed up! There was even a woman in labor in the waiting area!
I had to wait a long time....
First it was supposed to be, go to ultrasound and then to see the midwife, but since they were so backed up ultrasound got confused and thought I was to see the midwife first... so I sat for half an hour waiting... finally they decided to take me back to the midwife. Cathy did an exam and said the polyp on my cervix was pink and did not show signs of bleeding but said she was able to just touch my cervix with the q-tip and get blood so she thought it was just an overly sensitive cervix and opted to have me wait until my scheduled ultrasound on the 30th. (Monday July 30th) She did listen to the baby's heartbeat and said it is nice and strong and said my fundus height is right on target. I was told to just continue to take it easy until my ultrasound and midwife visit on Monday.
So that is all the news I have for now :)

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Anonymous said...

glad everything is okay! keep us posted on little Jack jack!