Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Middle Names....

here are some ideas so far...

Jack Ryan
Jack Elliot
Jack Luke
Jack Edward
Jack Landon
Jack Nicholas
Jack Allister
Jack Aiden
Jack Xavier
Jack Kuse
Jack Gabriel
Jack Christopher
Jack Hudson
Jack Immanuel
Jack Isaiah
Jack Rainier
Jack Xander


Anonymous said...

Okay! IM having so much fun. I googled this. Jack middle name. I think it's because I have always been the aunt and nanny.

Jack Riley
Jack Payton
Jack Henry
Jack Sparrow ( lol) little humor to add. But, I just love this name Jack. it said Google, this name is coming back it has meanins, and I will email it to you.
Keep us posted! my friend is having her baby Friday he will be here in late afternoon, they are naming him Devin, so trying finding that middle name!

Mari-jane said...

Aiden, Hudson, & Christopher are my top pix.
What about Harper(Mom's maiden name). I know Nicholas would be after Nic, but everyone would think of the actor!