Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jack In The Belly

29 weeks... I took a series of pictures of myself and "Jack" but this is the one that came out the best.... I think... so here we are...

Oh and I took it upon myself to cut my hair last night... so I will get some new pictures taken... Why is it that during pregnancy you get that urge to just lop the hair off? maybe to keep it out of the baby's face? maybe to keep it form being yanked on? anyway.. it happens every pregnancy with me, I say I wont do it the next time and every time I find myself chopping it off :)

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Anonymous said...

this is really good of you and Jack, now, I know why! I will be so fond of Jack, we have the same birthday mth, mine is New years eve, your pictures, just turn out so awesome, and well, I guess cutting the hair, who knows, maybe it is just you feel that with each child. Change is always good.