Thursday, November 15, 2007

Miss Jenna

Proof that they grow up too quickly! Hard to believe she will be 14 in just a few months! She will be entering high school!

And just so you know... she does not wear make up LOL she was at a friends last night and they were having fun doing things girls like to do... play with hair, make up and talk about boys! So when she got home I took advantage of it and played with hair, make up and talked about boys LOL and then took a few photo's... so here you go... a break from the little guys I always post pictures of :)

and the boy she likes? well she doesn't want him to know she likes him... Why?... because she is afraid he doesn't like her like *that*.... silly , silly girl... he would be crazy to pass her up :) I think she would be surprised to find out the boys that like her :)

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Anonymous said...

she is so pretty! looks like you, I remember that age, I didn't want to find out so my heart wouldn't get crushed. But, she doesn't know till she tries.
Awesome pics