Saturday, January 19, 2008

Three Of Da Boyz

Well I had some time to snap a few pics of the 3 younger boys tonight... the older 3 kids werent home so I couldnt get all 6...
Jack is now one month old and still a very pleasant, content baby :)
Oh, and if you cant tell by looking at his cheeks... he eats very well LOL he is 12lbs now!

Jacob had his 5 year check up last night... he is 48 lbs and got all 3 of his required shots to enter Kindergarten this fall... the kid giggled with each shot and said it tickled!! Very odd kid!!!

Jonathan had his 3 year check up last night and is 32lbs... he was put on allergy medicine... boy what a difference it has made already!!

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Anonymous said...

these are so good and he is so cute!