Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Sucks!

that wasnt my original title! but when I went to add a picture of Jack I had to click to allow pop ups and it WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE POST!!!!

so you get a quick short version now.... sorry!

I am driving school bus... Jenna tends to Jack in the am while I drive... Barbs daughter tends to Jack & Jonathan in the afternoon while I drive for about 20-30 minutes until Jenna gets home... it is working out well so far...

Justin is 18 now

Jenna got her braces off

Jonathan has a buzzed head ( a result of Mommy NOT being a hairdresser!)

JP is finished with basketball

Nick now works Mon-Fri 7-5

Jacob ROCKS on guitar and drums on Rockband!

Jack smiles and coos a lot and is more aware of his surroundings

I am supposed to start Weight Watchers with a friend this Thursday.

And here is Jack yesterday on his 10 week day!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!!. At least you got a bunch of helping hands, now it's time to make your photo's work for you.

Love ya,

Cheryl said...

Ah, how cute he is! But he doesn't seem to look like the other kids? Or does he? It's been a long time, lol.

And I want to see Jonathan's buzzcut!

Mari-jane said...

Adorable! Where did the red hair come from??