Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Goodness

I have been sick, and still am... but I am doing better than I was.

Tonight Justin showed up at the house with Felicia wanting to know if Nick could change the oil in his car for him.

They showed up around 5:00, as I was fixing dessert ( supper was already cooked)Nick doesn't get home till 5:45 so they played with the boys and hung out.

Jenna asked them if they were eating with us as she set the table, they said they would so she grabbed extra plates and we put the leaf in the table.

Nick got home and we all sat down to eat. Jonathan said the prayer.

It was nice to have a full table... all 9 of us including Felicia.

Not a lot of food to go around as I wasn't expecting company but there was enough for everyone to eat.

It is a good feeling to be surrounded by your family. The conversation at dinner is always good, catching up on the days happenings, and hearing about *tomorrows* plans..

Now to plan for another day... clothes to lay out, meals to be planned...

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Cheryl said...

That sounds very nice!

How are you doing with your new meds?