Friday, March 06, 2009

Go Me!

I had Lab last night... our Lecture instructor passed our midterm sheet with our midterm exam grade on it to our lab instructor to give us last night. I was pleased to see I got a 99 on my exam :)

2 more lectures, 2 more labs, then spring break, then final exam, and then clinicals start! April 2nd will be the first clinical.

I am supposed to go get my scrubs, shoes, watch, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff on the 19th.

I need to go get my nursing assistant student ID badge from the college before clinicals also.

I have another paper to write, it is about Alzheimers and it is on a movie we watched called Iris. I also have to study for the last quiz we have coming up this Tuesday and I need to prepare for final exam.

I did my CPR certification the other night. I did it here in town at the fire station. I want to get certified for first aid also.

I am just busy busy! Looking forward to the point when I can actually WORK!

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