Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school. In the fall Jenna will be a sophomore JP will be an 8th grader Jacob will be a 1st grader and Jonathan will be in his final year of pre-k but will be in a half day program rather than a full day program as the school has eliminated full day in order to enroll more children by making it 2 half day sessions.

Work is going great. I really enjoy my job and it really doesn't feel like a job.. It is very physical and consists of constant running but I just love it so much! I have been there just over a month now and am amazed that I know all the residents names and what rooms they are in. When I first started that was the biggest worry for me... Seems it shouldn't have been such a worry :)

Jack has tubes in both ears now due to recurring ear infections and constant fluid begins his ear drums that would never drain. He did really well for it all and only had about 45 minutes of crying with coming out of anesthesia.

Jacob and Jonathan will be heading to Wisconsin in a few weeks to visit their Grandparents for a little while. The boys are really looking forward to it!

I have scrubs to wash for work so I better get busy! I am working 6 nights in a row... Tonight is night 2. I am covering for 2 co workers.. This was my weekend off but one had a wedding to go to and the other had a church retreat in TN she wanted to attend.... So I said I would cover for them :) Today is payday and also a mandatory meeting.

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Mari-jane said...

Wow, you blogged!! I have to remind myself now that everyone is on FB to blog myslef..glad to hear about all that is goingon more in depth, Thanks!! ttyl, luv ya, MJ