Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Avon Calling.....

I love Avon delivery day! Yesterday my Avon orders arrived, only this time for some reason they delivered the boxes to the back door. I don't know how long all those goodies were sitting out there! It is always like Christmas when the boxes get here even if the stuff isn't all mine LOL. I got all the invoices printed out and everything separated now today I am going to bag them up and deliver them. I am $108 away from achieving the rank I need and I need it by the next order date (9/29)! So if you haven't ordered anything yet and have been thinking about maybe ordering something why don't you check out my personal Avon webpage here AVON
and if you don't live locally that is OK I can ship your items to you when they get here. I order on Fridays and receive the products on Tuesday :) And THANK YOU to those of you who have supported me and placed your orders :) I am really trying to increase my customer base, not easy in this little town but I sure am trying! I have 100 brochures to bag up and leave at houses (luckily the kids help) Well the J4 & J5 are being too quite so I better go check what kind of trouble they are getting into! Hopefully after all my Avon business is done today I can get the camera out! My wonderful husband is taking me to a haunted cemetery this evening to try and get some ghost photo's! Yes we are nutty!

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