Tuesday, September 13, 2005

COOKIE IS GONE!!!!! *sobbing*

So we have heat days right now where school starts at 7:30 and gets out at 1:30... so there was plenty of time for B and J4 to play outside. In comes a sobbing B saying Cookie was gone.. she lost her little caterpillar.. pure devastation to a 5 year old. We could not find Cookie anywhere and B just kept crying harder and harder until I told her that Cookie was off making a cocoon to turn in to a Butterfly. Her eye's lit up with excitement and she asked if we could take pictures of butterflys so she would always remember Cookie... uh well.. HECK YEAH!!! No pushing or prodding to get me to break out the camera :) so off we went on a hunt for Cookie... she was so sure that this butterfly below was Cookie... and it made her smile :)

We then moved on to other little garden visitors.. this moth... or is it a butterfly...

and this Bee... there were other Bees as well some dug there heads right down into the flowres so that only their little Bee butts were poking out.
And this is a happy B after looking for the new Cookie with wings... she was digging through the flowers hoping to find a new caterpillar (we never found another one)
And then J4 .... is he a dirt magnet or what!! I swear this kid really does have clean moments... like when he first wakes up in the morning and then right after his bath before he goes to bed.
And this morning with this new school heat schedule I was rushed to get the kids ready and out the door and didnt grab my camera on the way out. BIG no no! And after I dropped the kids off and headed towards home what did I see????? A man... in this little old corn field and soy bean town walking his daughter to school with her backpack slung over his shoulder as they strolled down the sidewalk... in his kilt! No joke! Where did he come from? and why the heck hadnt I brought my camera!!!! ARGH!!! Not to mention the cool sunrise between the electrical lines, next to the grain elevator rising over the quickly passing train... such a cool sight... and where was my camera??? at home in the camera bag, on my desk, lonely, wondering why I had left it behind.

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