Monday, September 12, 2005

I have succumbed

I said I wouldn't do it.... no way, no how! and now look at me! here I am being a blogger *gasp* I can't believe I broke down and did it. In my defense I only did it to post pictures... I am not the chatty type... heck with 5 kids who has time to be chatty??? besides I would rather be behind my camera capturing moments in time of my children but at the moment what am I doing? blogging!!! EGADS! ok poppin some pics on here and then I am outta here :)

J2 this is my girl... growing way too fast.

And then there is J4 .... yes this is the one who had he been first would be an only child...

I have to run for now... kids to pick up from school and laundry to be done. But you can bet I will be behind the camera first chance I get :)

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