Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mom, what time is it!

J4 just asked me that. He said Mom, I said what, he said what time is it? I answered it is 2:29.... he responded with OH! I want something to eat.

He always wants something to eat! sheesh LOL

He has been working on his shapes in home preschool and is doing great, he loves learning :) this week was triangle, circle and square. He is also trying to learn the letters on his own, I chime in when necessary but want to focus on one area at a time.

He is obsessed with the time for some reason. He asks the "what time is it" question a lot... I don't think he has any hot dates planned that he needs to check the time for!

Tomorrow is J5's appoinment with the pediatric specialist at the hospital... so far we still don't have any news on the lead poisoning and where it is coming from!

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