Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How FLIPPIN hard is it

to spend some time with your kids! really!!! Wednesday and every other weekend is the times that J1, J2, & J3 spend with their dad. J1 has a newspaper route that he does everyday so does not go directly with his dad after school on Wednesday. OK so it is 6:50pm and where is "dad" who flippin knows!!!! He isn't here getting J1! and does he have J2 & J3 who went to him directly after school? or did he dump them with a babysitter AGAIN! This pisses me off beyond belief! And when he does pick him up what will the point be?! It is a school night! I am so mad right now! and unfortunately taking it out on everyone around me! Not because I don't want my kids here but because how FLIPPIN hard is it to spend ONE night a week with your kids!!!! it equals a whopping 2 weekends and 4 days a month that he is "forced" to spend time with his kids... and he cant even do that!

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