Friday, October 07, 2005


I just don't even know how to title this one! I have so much to catch up on with the whole lead issue but am so overwhelmed at the moment I don't know where to begin... will post on that at some point in the next few days maybe....
So J3 asks if his friend can spend the night tonight, and I was very hesitant, and torn.... the father of this child is a registered sex offender... now, I don't know the details of the offense, nor do I want to punish a child for his parents mistakes..... but I also do not know how this kid has been raised or what he has experienced..... so after being asked several times I finally gave in and said yes. When the kid heard my answer he popped out from around the corner and said Thank you... very sincerely.. I told him he was OK and that J3 just gets a little rowdy and loud and gets in trouble sometimes... he responded with I will try to keep him down.... do you have any dishes or anything you want washed?? the look on his face.. the tone of his voice... I haven't seen such sincerity from a child... not in this manner. It tore at me.. I told him No, it was OK, he didn't need to do that... I just don't know what to think of this moment that I had with him.. it seemed so strange.... and I still sit here baffled, as they quietly play Xbox.

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