Saturday, October 15, 2005


Has it really been a week since I blogged last? Life sure does get away sometimes!
J3 has recently started on medication for ADD and it really seems to be helping him concentrate. He said he was scared yesterday at school because the entire class applauded him at the end of the day because he went a whole day without fidgeting, tapping, or being a distraction, he wasn't expecting it lol.
J2 is grounded for 2 weeks. She is slacking on her school work and has had to serve finaos each week because of it ( this is what they label it, if they fail a paper they are made to stay after and redo the work... it is Failing Is Not An Option).
J5 had his appointment yesterday with the Hematologist, we will find out his lead level on Monday or Tuesday and if his levels are not going down I will be heading out of state with the 2 little ones and leaving the 3 older kids and my husband behind until the lead issue is resolved... that will be so hard to do! especially with not knowing how long we will be gone.
As for the camera... it hasn't left the camera case for a while :( I am just too distracted with everything else right now.
Oh and J4.... it was so weird last night. He got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Usually he sleeps all night and then gets up in the morning to pee but last night it was around 3 or 4am that he got up, went to the bathroom, turned on the light, pee's, then turned off the light and went back to bed. It is just so hard for me to believe that he potty trained so easily! And it is even harder to believe he will be 3 next month! and even sadder J5 will be 1 in just over 3 weeks :( I just hope we will be celebrating the birthdays at home and not 9 hours away in another state.

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