Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm a sucker!

and my kid's know it! They brought this little guy in from the barn after the neighbor dog attacked it. It's foot was bloody and he is skin and bones! I know you can't tell in the picture because his fur covers it up but his spine, butt bones, ribs... you can feel them all without trying!

it is really gross! I didn't know a spine could stick out that far! Their dad made them put it back in the barn when it was time for him to bring them back home, and the kitten is the first thing I heard about when they came through the door. So of course being the sucker I am I drove them out to get it. When we got home I made them first go give it a bath OMG how pitiful this thing looked when wet! I should have gotten a picture of it when it was soaked. And when N got home he wasn't thrilled that there was a kitten in the house, but when he felt the bones sticking out he went right into the kitchen to get it a bowl of milk, a few minutes later he was saying it was OK if the kitten stayed as long as it used the litter box. Nice to know I am not the only sucker around here!
He/She ( I haven't even looked yet to see if it is a boy or girl) is named Cinnamon Waffle and slept with J2 all night.
And being even more of a sucker I have volunteered to transport some unwanted kittens from someone who no longer wants them to a rescue group who will spay & neuter them, I am waiting to hear back about the details, this has been going on the last couple days and should be happening soon, I hope, since we plan on being out of town this weekend to go visit N's Grandfather.

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