Sunday, October 02, 2005

Crock-pot cooking

YUM! I love my crock-pot, I really do! I would be lost without it. I just got done throwing some beef I seasoned, mushrooms, and cream of mushroom soup in the crock for dinner... which gives me all day to figure out what side dishes I want to go with it. I have some fresh from Mom's garden butternut squash that I really should cook up, I think I recall someone talking about baked butternut squash at some point... I will have to look into that, it sounds like a yummy dish! And I think I will make some biscuits from scratch to go with it.

I redesigned my kitchen a little bit yesterday. I took out the big table and put in the little Bistro type table that I had upstairs. I also hung a different chalkboard on the wall (my menu board) so J4 could have the old one for practicing his shapes, letters & numbers. I tore apart my stove and gave it a good scrubbing, it wasn't that bad but it still needed cleaned :) I also emptied out the fridge but need to give it a good cleaning today. My floor is in the process of getting a good scrubbing... it has to be done in phases with 7 people trudging through the house or else none of it looks clean at any point. So maybe if I get everything done in the kitchen that I want to get done I will take pictures and post them....

OH and child safety locks for appliances is a HUGE joke! we got locks for the refrigerator and the freezer as well as the stove and the cabinets. J4 showed his daddy how to open the fridge SHEESH! Hopefully it at least comes in handy with J5, I don't want it to be a total waste of money!

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