Sunday, January 29, 2006

Confessions ( of a not so desperate housewife)

I rode around in J1's car tonight with him driving so he could enjoy his new car. I have to admit... I am jealous! Jealous??? YES! I did not get my drivers license until I was 19! And I still at that point did not have a car to call my own! I am so happy for him! And his car is cooler than cool! It was his money to spend.. and had it been money spent on an old rust bucket I would still be happy for him because he would be happy!
I am happy that from the very beginning I gave him choices. I let him make choices for himself. I did not force my ideas or likings upon him. I was scrutinized... I was told it was not right to allow a 2/3 year old to make his own decisions/choices. OK to a certain extent that is correct! But my job as a parent is to teach and guide my children... not to tell them what to do ( so to speak). They need to grow and learn. I am proud of my children! J1 will not go to a party if it contains drugs or alcohol. Do you know what I told him? I told him there is nothing wrong with going to a party... that just because he was at a party with alcohol... or drugs that it did not mean he had to do those things. Was I too lenient? Maybe! But you know what his response was? He said "Mom, I do not want to be around those things" I am so proud of him! I am raising a child who is respectful, mature, can make good decisions for himself and has had the freedom to make his own choices... he does not feel as though he is missing out on anything. He does not feel as though he has been sheltered. Now don't get me wrong!! I am VERY protective when it comes to my children. But I let them grow, I let them learn, I let them make choices. And even though I was told this was wrong so many years ago... I can see that the choices I made as a mom were right! Do I like his hair? NO! Does it affect his character? NO! it is hair! It does not affect his grades, it does not affect his attitude... it is him and I am fine with his hair. It is a phase and he will out grow it... the same way he will outgrow being a child and become an adult. But I must admit I agree that he at least needs the front trimmed so he can see the road LOL

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