Monday, January 30, 2006

The wet stuff............

It is still raining... though it isn't so much fun today LOL J5 isn't doing too bad with his cold today but now I am starting to get a sore throat! Oh Joy!
No one else is showing signs of getting sick *yet*
J3 came home for lunch today... he has been coming home for lunch everyday. It is nice. It gives him and I some extra time together. It is helpful also because it gives me a few minutes to run down into the basement to wash diapers... diapers are the only thing I will not allow anyone else to wash :) J5 now knows how to climb out of his highchair so that isn't my quick little babysitter anymore if I have to run into the basement. I hope this spring we can get it all organized and kid proofed down there so the youngest 2 can safely play down there if I am down there.
Getting ready to head out and get the older kids from school. Guess I better convince J4 he really needs to get dressed now! I dont know what that kid has against clothes LOL

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