Sunday, January 29, 2006


Yep! you read it right folks! It was a FABULOUS day. It rained.. so what! We loaded up the kids and.... are you ready for this?..... are you really really ready?
We took 6... count em! 6... 1,2,3,4,5,6! 6 kids to the MALL! J2 had her friend stay the night last night and it was K's birthday today so we decided to get out and do something! It was fun :) We all had a great time! Afterwards though I felt I had earned an "I survived the mall" t-shirt... but I don't know if those things really exist! The cutest thing I saw was a little itty bitty ACDC t-shirt!! And shoes for J5! OMG they were so cute... but come on people! Do people actually pay $42 for an infant size shoe???? So even though the majority of us left empty handed it was still fun! J2 & K had money so they shopped like a girl should :)
J5 has a cold, it isn't too bad of one but I still feel badly for him. With all the commotion today he didn't get a good nap in so I am sure that will aggravate it even more.

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